Tuesday, December 25, 2007

X'MAS 07 Day

Today, Christmas Day.

Again this year I will end up at work as I always did all the holiday and weekend. Why not just keep busy. I would love to go on the trip but I have no one to go with and also I did not received my GC from USCIS yet.

My work was taking care lot of thing for company and I consider my part will help company meet the profit , Consider the backbone of the company but I felt that people in the company never realize that only President of the company will know in what I am doing for them.

I love to work on my hobbies project and that keep my mind occupied all the time. Do I need Girlfriend, YES, I do but it is hard for me since I am getting old and getting low on hair. Ha ha,,, yes, for real not much and I do not know how to start to make conversation to the woman in the bar.

I got to go to work now check out later.


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