Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday at work as usual

Start up early today, woke up at 8:00am , shower not too cold today, drink coffee, check email./ drive to work today was not bad at all traffic so good. arrived at office same time as usual 9:15am

That was I expected my tech did not show up again, so I end up do the work as we have equipment down but that's ok for me. I always did that.

let talk about the other thing on my mind. I keep thinking all the time about how can I have Girl friend during lunch I went to Vietnam Pho' alone, seen many pretty good looking professional lady but I have to admit that i have no chance to get them attention. I am getting old and low self esteem. I do not know why back then when I was young I approaches woman never be disappoint at all.

In USA, I have no confidence in myself about the social life but for the work I can do anything and success. personal life was disaster , I can say that.

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