Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Backed to Thailand since May 2013

Just let you guy know that I already back to Thailand and working in Thailand now,  It was very hard for me at first to re-adjust back to the life over here than living in San Jose, CA.  Not much time per day for Hobby but I will have to stay late to build my projects.
so many projects still pending that hard to find the time because I have to drive 100 KM round trip to office from my resident out skirt of Bangkok.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Finally become US Citizen

Ceremony at Campbell Theater

With Dave Copper (K6WA)

Building the Geiger Rover -APRS 144.390Mhz

This project that what inspired me to Build the Wall-E or Johnny 5 Robot but it still the long way to go and because I do not have much time to build this robot because I promised the folk of HAM that i will be ready for the Field day and I only have 2 weeks to put everything together.

As you can see the ARM that made of the Flat LCD monitor stand that used for the Supermarket check out and I found it from the Weird Stuffs for $10 and then I put the motor and it seems to serve the purpose to demo that we can use this Robot for Radio Active Survey by using APRS network to broadcast the data via VHF and I-GATE that we can see it from

Snow-Blower is the source of both Rubber Track.  , Power Drive with WheelChair motor 24 VDC small Battery combine for 24VDC that total weight around 70 lbs  RC 5 Ch 2.4Ghz digital mode sometime lossed signal cause the motor to go full-speed. that what I will need to improve in the future.

Bere Track

That's all for one week build , I would make it better if I have time and more parts and of cause Money

Red LED that R/C receiver communication estabished

Display of the GPS/CPM/ Time

Compare to the Size of the Sport Car.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Field Day 2012 - Foothills Amateur Radio Society (FARS)

This is my last Fieldday for this Club, I have to handover to the New generation to takecard and they will do much better and bigger that me.

Field day 2012 this year was so cold , windy, morning around 47 and night time 41, I stay up all night just want to get the Sat-com contact but too bad , never made any of that :(

Education Demo for Amateur Radio application that can be fun and life saver explain how the APRS combined in the feature for the GEIGER Rover for Radio Active Survey.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Replaced Motor for KENPRO EL rotor from AC Motor to 24 VDC

 All done, under testing. work well, autostop at both end , I added Diode to reversed and also added the Lamp.
 See how bad the motor, Coil already short and never run.
This is what happen when you buy some ROTOR from EBAY I got this for $88 but I send email to complaint them that it won't work and they never tell so they paid me back $40, which ok for the rest of the part should be.  

24 VDC Motor got from EBAY $10 USD

FIt perfectly

Need to Cut the back to get the room from the longer DC motor

Nice but i will need to make the plastic shield to protect the moisure