Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Geiger Counter + APRS project with Arduino Boot loader

Design the PCB and combined the Geiger Counter with APRS so that when measuring the radiation this unit can send the position via APRS network to appears on Google Maps. I did not write all the code and this have 2 sections of the Code which I combined them together and it worked , it took me many days to test and make sure got the good packet to the IGATE (Aprs server) 

Credit list of people who provided information and has been used in my project:- 
  • Geiger Counter Kit has Code and Calculation by John Giametti here is his web link  
  •  APRS libraries wrote to by Javien Martin -   
  • Softserial and GPS decoder library to elighcash posted sample code so that I can understand how to decode the GPS message on Arduino Playground Forum.  

  • GPS Module from Argent Data $36  very good / high sensitive
    VHF narrow band Radio Module pre programed 144.390 MHz 300mw (150mA only)  from RadioMatrix MX-1 $40 USD
    Combined them together on Demo Board will appear at Amateur Radio Booth,
    Maker Fair 2012 May 19,2012 at San Mateo Fair ground , CA

Visual Diagram 

Just finished and it worked
Completed with SBM-20 and GPS module

My Work Bench 
PCB ordered from China only 10 pcs

1st prototype insert into the CDV-715
Power coating

Prototype with wiring 

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