Saturday, February 9, 2008

Finally Got Green Card

Yep, I got approved last year this month but some how they forgot to send me a Card , make me nut for a year , umm before send me a card they send me that my case still pending :( so, later my Card arrived :) that was a happy moment that I wait for almost 10 years in USA, almost there if I am not rich like most American here but I am happy that I am be a part of the greatest country in the world.

This year hopefully the good year, I got a call for interview but I cannot make it to pass their expectation but I am ok so, I might need to head back to college to get some degree that I can gain more experience.

Today Sat, I will need to clean up a lot of thing in such a very pretty and sunshine day after raining entire last month. A lot of project in my mind after I wake up this morning and I felt pretty good and happy, Nothing much to worry about just only try to make the life more happy as I am in USA for now, I planned to travel and will see in the next coming month I might change my mind again

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