Thursday, May 24, 2012

Replaced Motor for KENPRO EL rotor from AC Motor to 24 VDC

 All done, under testing. work well, autostop at both end , I added Diode to reversed and also added the Lamp.
 See how bad the motor, Coil already short and never run.
This is what happen when you buy some ROTOR from EBAY I got this for $88 but I send email to complaint them that it won't work and they never tell so they paid me back $40, which ok for the rest of the part should be.  

24 VDC Motor got from EBAY $10 USD

FIt perfectly

Need to Cut the back to get the room from the longer DC motor

Nice but i will need to make the plastic shield to protect the moisure

Maker Fair 2012

Maker Fair 2012 , San Mateo, California on May 19,20 2012

This is the first year that I decided to paticipate this event, I just realized that so many smart young people and many people have a very good idea. I felt that so happy to be around of involve with other people who think the same way I did about creativity to build something better and more fun without any politic or hidden agenda.  well, not all the good people but I try to ignore some of storeo type anyway i am just Asian man and try to have some fun.  I join to be valunteer for this year and I only have small portion to share my idea and time slot was not full fill my dream to tell people about my idea.  Next year, I already setup my motivation to go solo, even it will hard but i will do that with couple of some of my closed friend back me up.

See you guy next year at MAKER FAIR 2013

That 's me at the booth with my Robot

very good meaning

My Robot, Geiger -ROVER
Delorean Hovercraf  very cool

 Electric Car EMW

 One of the battery that used in this car cost $100 per cell from China used around 100 cell

 I like this one Heineken Beer :)

 Mole or Plastic Fabrication company present very implressive model from GAME

My Robot with Geiger Counter APRS , can be send to nuclear danger zone

I believed this the Air Cylinder Robot