Sunday, January 2, 2011

XOX-Rotor V.2.0 New Improvement Design

Give a talk about detail of this project for HAM Monthly meeting at Foothills Amateur Radio Society (FARS)
 on DEC  18,2010 

Present at PAARA Meeting on home-brew Contest.
Video for all the detail since V.1 to V.2 movement and controlling

Paint Job are amazing, I can't believe that result came out so great !!!

Nice color all Powder Coating 

hanging inside of the Bake Oven
Hanging and Powder before put into Oven for Cure the coating to become Epoxy Coating

Powder Coating so nice and smooth after Sand Blasting 

400 'C  baking for 15 min after powder

Put them back together before sand Blasting

I found the RJ-45 Socket nice fit and I wired together two of them can be used for  Top  Module ,   Network Cable or CAT-5 have 8 twist pair inside that perfect to reduce the noise on all kind and that can have long cable as long as you need since it will be remote control by the controller.  the best choice of the cable for this kind of project. 

After finish and put together

Ni Drawing required on this project everything made up on the spot at the TECHSHOP  where I can access the Machine shop.

My First Milling and Lathe at TachShop in Menlo  Park, CA  that is my eye opening after learn on how to do Milling  and I can create a lot more from my imagination to become real part.

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