Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Backed on Road again to Los Angeles

I have to drive again to Los Angeles just to go to submit my application for Czech Republic and I already got my VISA to Romanian last weekend. First I thought I can drive early in the morning which will take me 5 Hrs to get there and drive back but if that happened in 10 years ago then I can do that but since I get older and worried that I will sleepy when I drive back so then I decided to went there on SUNDAY and stay in Hollywood for one night and go to VISA office near L.A downtown in the morning same as last week.

Here is on the way that I drove during on Sunday and summer season, the temp was so HOT. right at the L.A almost 110'F but during I passed to the Baker Field I can see the Thermometer in my car shown 93'F ... I can feel the hear wave outside came with the wind, was soooo HOT.. and Dry ,,,,
Gas Station near the Fresno, look at the Price which I have to pumped for premium almost $4.00 Pacheco Pass (152) from I-101 to I-5

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