Friday, May 22, 2009

Trip to Thailand all the way to Phi Phi Island again !!

Yes, Today I am writing this blog while waiting at the SFo to departure to Thailand by japan airline. It was so cheap $630 round trip, I just want to get away from USa where is so boring in the weekend and nothing much to do in the weekend. I got 2 weeks off with out pay which in this economic. So I choose to go Thailand much cheaper and enjoyable trip that I can effort then go to Hawaii, It was a very short notice that i decided to go to Thailand, I did research to go HAWAII but it was too expensive to go then i picked PHI PHI Island because I always want to go back to scuba again and upgrade to be advance and see my friend and enjoy the sea food and also help to build repeater controller which perform much better than that they have right now, I got this kit from EBay for $100 and made by NHRC which Version 4 with firmware rev 3.01. It was work better in this price, it took me 2-3days to completed and tested to make sure it work as it should and learn how to program and will train my ham friend in Island especially HS9MVU (SAK) that he will be the repeater trustee. here some of the pic that I took during testing the kit at my work desk in my office.

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