Sunday, May 3, 2009

EMCOMM & PACIFICON 2009 , Circus Circus Hotel RENO, Nevada

EMCOMMWEST / Pacificon '09May 1-3, 2009 - Circus Circus Hotel & Casino - Reno

EMCOMMWEST has been an "ARRL Specialty Convention" with emphasis on emergency communication training and techniques. Pacificon is the ARRL Pacific Division Convention, usually held in October. Since this year's Pacificon was cancelled, the two conventions merged into one and is now a marriage of both. Many of the same features and format can be found at EMCOMMWEST / Pacificon with topical information in a variety of amateur radio topics

We decided to Drive because I want to see the road trip to RENO and unfortunate that Raining so bad and snow down up to 5000 ft top of the sierra summit. as you can see from the pic below. nothing much to talk about. My opinion about the convention not impress me at all, not the big as I expected. PACIFICON at San Ramon was much better and good draw more ham in Bay area. only I can say it that was very disappointing.

At the Rest Area on the Sierra

A.P.R.S Map from my Tracker, This trip took me 5 Hrs because of Freezing Rain

Many of good stuffs

Swap meet in Parking lot next from Hotel

In side the exhibithion

Ham Radio Outlet (HRO)

Famous CITY sign

PACIFICON is Down undergrond Floor of the Hotel

ICOM Booth


BUDDY POLE Antenna Booth

Video Clip from the CirCus CirCus free show

CirCus CirCus Hotel Reno, Navada

It's a free show for Hotel
Very Cute & very smart Chinese Ladies

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