Monday, March 30, 2009

San Diego Road trip

Thai New Year sign in Thai town, Hollywood Blvd.

Just a few word to Friend that I met along the way while driving on this trip:-

I am a strong believer that the next person you meet may change your life. I also believe YOU may be the person who changes the life of the next person you meet. I also believe that only when you make an effort to do something, do you have a chance in making that something happen.
So while sometimes opportunities may just appear, invest in your luck and do what it takes to put yourself in motion and keep yourself in motion. It is more likely that YOU will become lucky if you put yourself into the stream of opportunity.

The Trip for me was interesting and I took many pictures, The trip to San Diego Sea world was very good show compared to the ticket $53(after discount of AAA member) the Dolphin and SHMO show are the world class show and I am very happy. I made the road trip and drive all the way down to Los Angeles, San Diego and Back to San Jose total millage = 1,190 miles that I drove to. WOW, I got rental car from Hertz 3 days for $158 plus insurance total become $220 was not bad for the Toyota Cammy brand new. I was driving with friend and at least I can have someone who can talk to me while I drive and enjoy scenery and good food along the way. I was enjoy in the road trip to see place to place to make more new idea on the life.

PIRANHA fish Video down here

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