Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chinese New Year "The year of OX"

Yesterday was the Chinese New year and I promised myself that I will not eat meat or living creature and I did go to have lunch at Vegetarian Restaurant and cooked dinner by myself with veggie only. I hope and just hope that this year will bring me the good thing for myself and other who close to me. I wish to have good heath and someone that know me and will be my soul mate.

The news that came around and everybody knew that economic still in deep down turn and effected to everyone here. I am the one of them that try not to think negative and hope everything will be better soon and also to everybody in the world that will have peace and happy life. what do I know, I am just a guy who live and work here spend time by myself.

The company that I worked for which was the small company but then acquired by big Corp. and it has been tough to anyone here that new benefit will deducted money from our paycheck more than before and we will have unpaid mandatory leave which yes, our check will shirk more than before either. BUT think again, you guy lucky than the other who got layoff earlier right!!! yeah, so stop complain or cry about... so that the most reason that keep me claim in this situation and try to search for myself and my happy thought........

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