Tuesday, February 19, 2008

BIRTH DAY Yesterday

The Present for myself

Finally I made a move to buy new car, I thought about to buy for longtime. I keep my saving but I think the price was not right yet until I found the one I like 350Z ha ha !! do not think I am crazy or rich man, I just want to do the thing that I like before getting too old to drive.

YEP, I got it Black 350Z 2005 nice car, I really enjoy driving and want to go everywhere i want to go not like the old sport I have,

that's it , no celebration no party no birthday cake, no one to enjoy with me but i am happy by myself anyway. So then no point to complaint to anybody, as long as you happy in what you want do good thing will happen.



Anonymous said...

u deserved it ka :-)/n'oi

Siam Square said...

Thank you 'Oi