Monday, June 27, 2011

ARRL FieldDay 2011

One of the land owner that we found him sneak around, harmless snake.
 My Automatic AMSAT tracking station: IC910 + Orbitron + AZ_EL (Arduino Controller)
 With Thai Flag for only HAM Thai in this area (HS1-IFU)
 My Friend Gerry (K6TXD) set the Solar power to charge battery for Emergency communication

 CW station

Cushcraft 2m/70cm 3 Element Beam compared with Arrow Antenna:-  Resulted  Arrow Antenna worked much better received on UHF very loud much better than Cushcraft. Arrow much cheaper too,. 

 from BBQ side you can see my station on the left and CW station on the right
 My AMSAT tracking Station and also 6 meter(50Mhz) on the right
 the other angle of the AZ-EL Rotor
 6 Meter( 50Mhz) and VHF antenna (ringo Ranger)
 Evening BBQ for visitor and member of the society
 from the location look down to the freeway to see how good the loaction was
 Manual Tuner from MFJ that used for 160 Meter band
with Gerry (K6TXD) and me K6XOX / HS1-IFU