Wednesday, October 6, 2010

HomeBrew Project Automatic Rotor Controller & AS5040 Magnetic Rotary Encoder

This Project Feature with Encoder IC AS5040 , Controller,  DC motor made to be as same as Yaesu  Rotor  and have lot of work on aluminum to secured and installed DC motor which I will make it look better in Version 2 but it will take sometime.I already ordered some thick aluminum to cut and will be more like Version 2.0 for me and will be test out in the park somewhere.

As5040 IC from Austria Semiconductor 
Click at the IC will link to manufacture website to request sample or order but minimum order is 1000units at $5 per unit, It is better to request for sample that you will receive 3 units from them and after that you can order from Digikey or Jameco or else that do retail sell for us. I foud Digikey sell around $7 USD.
FOX delta - Satellite controller Kit LCD Display show the target and currnet postion of the beam

Completed Tested from Foxdelta work nicely

With Free Box!

Fox Delta kit using PIC and A/D that received the o/p voltage from As-5040 but I boosted with OpAmp Volatage Follower curcuit so then it help maintain the volt level in order to feed to G5600 front panel meter.

Project PCB was designed on a PTH PCB measuring 5 x 10cm. Interface supports GS-232 (Yaesu Rotor standard) data format from WispDDE that help to get the output from Orbitron to com port
The Satellite Antenna Tracking Interface is targeted to interface Yaesu rotators to your PC running with Orbitron or any free software.

Project uses LTC1298 DIP 12bit A/D chip and a PIC16F84A. Interface takes its power from Yaesu Controller. with kits/Assembled. very low price and Dinesh he is the one created all the detail PCB and assemblied and shipped to me from India

After I read about the project from FOXdelta and I search around and look like I found the person who the first person who design this controller and program the 16F84 with Sourcecode everything, He is Goetz Romahn, I guessed he is from Germany and here is the link to his creation:-
Source Code found here:- 

Since we only interested in Voltage not the PCM code to replace POT at the beam position, simple curcuit has been made.
I got this perfect PCB from EBAY

Discovered from Google search, thank John Drew VK5DJ bring me to the new solution
AS-5040 replacement the Potentiometer (POT) Variable Resitor nice and perfect design, check out his design idea
Here is the company austriamicrosystems website

Me and my Project at FARS meeting in HomeBrew contest and I won 1st place on the Night of 9/24/10

How it looked again, this is prototype, I can say this is Version 1.0

Figured that out the WISPDDE program and modified it Thank you Fernandez that I can work on Visual basic to modified the option that need to test my Rotor controlller in the first design.

I just wonder how to get the o/p from AS5040 with out volage drop after connect to G-5600 so then the OpAmp Circuit voltage Follwer that i will used to boost the current of the output from AS5040, on the breadboard for testing the simple curcuit and it work but the trick is LM324 need V+ 5 v in order to get the voltage passed for full scale colse to 5 V. and also here is my bench table that i work on my project at home. bunch of old equipments- 

Here is the Simple Voltage Follower circuit and worked fine:-

Adding RJ-45 Socket connector terminal nice!!

Modified by adding the 4 channel ULN2003A relay driver and Opamp LM324 Voltage Follower

G-5600 Yaesu Rotor Controller that I got from EBAY $105 from FL perfect fit

Here is the Magnet that I found very useful from OSH $5.99 check with UPC if you want to buy

Magnet attached to Gear shaft but no contact to Encoder board

Here is the rntire Rotor that I builded from the part from Flea market
How I mount the Arrow Antenna using Direct TV Disc bracket
HorseShoe liked Magnet is special
That what the cool IC AS5040 from Austria Semi. Thank you for JOHN DREW- VK5DJ
LED display all the activatiy that you need like X'Mas Tree

Magnet above the PCB in the BAck of the IC AS5040 no contact to PCB at all How cool is that

These Pictures from EBAY one of the seller who sell $19 each
I got these 2 motors from Electronic Flea market last month and that was the begining of this project $40 for 2 Motors and I found some on Ebay sold for $19 each. nice perfect for Arrow Antenna for Satellite communication