Sunday, October 4, 2009

Europe transit Trip from Sep 17 to Sep 19,2009 (Part 4) Paris, France

CDG Airport Departure hall
Baby Octopus Salad which not even close to Thai food at all :(
Here is the PAD Thai More like Chowfun
The last night in Paris that I decided to have a Thai food in Paris, I found this Thai-Siam restaurant that was a big mistake because this is not the real Thai - Restaurant nobody in the restaurant that know how to speak most of them Chinese and don't know what or how good the Thai food taste is!!!!! , So shame that they opened Restaurant but not authentic at all
I took this pic with my Iphone ,, Turn out not bad at all.

Gallaries Lafayette Shopping Center

Champs alysee' Movie

Pic from top of Gallaries Lafayatte

Ope'ra House

So then I found her, She came from Hong Kong, She is lovely girl

See how many people just to catch the grim of Monalisa
I like Art pic like this make me so flirt :)

I was taking pic but she walked in front of my view and she looked lost and lonely

MONALISA that is the real one

I just wonder how the guy in ROMAN empire have such as small penis :( LOL and never get dress even while they went for fight.

VENUS for real

I was dress up with thick sweater then out to be very warm day

I was go up to Eifel tower around 10:00pm

The art in Paris no rating , PG-13!! or Rate "R"

I really want to have nice shot with tower but hard to find someone to take a short for me.
Just wonder how to fight if the jonhny still swing around like that!!!

Underground way to the Victory gate.
Cartier near Charmps Alysee'

LIDO theatre

Here the Bus stop for the Tour Bus that 2 days pass locate everywhere so convinent

Here the Bus#2 that I took from the CDG AIRPORT to this location near by Hotel 15 EUR

I took this pic by myself weird !!!! haha
On the Bus that I spend 25 EUR for 2 days passed hop on and hop-off
That's me to proof that I was here with this pic..
Near by just walk to this place

But the room located on the 6th floor and walk up Ohhh No...
View from the Window of the room
With Private Bath room But....
Here the Room that I picked to stay that very good location near on everything $51 EUR/night
and I booked from this WEBSITE
Total Reservation Amount: 121.07€
Name of the Hotel Wagram
Address: 5 rue Poncelet 75017 Paris
Phone: 00 33(0)1 47 64 13 17
Price breakdown:
dateRoom 1Daily Price
17/09/20091 person(s) x 56.40€56.40€
18/09/20091 person(s) x 56.40€56.40€
Booking Fee3.00€
Tax (VAT)5.27€
Total Price121.07€
Payable Now19.92€
Total booking amount:121.07€
Amount already paid:19.92€
To pay on arrival:101.15€ (this amount is to be paid in local currency)