Tuesday, December 25, 2007

X'MAS 07 Day

Today, Christmas Day.

Again this year I will end up at work as I always did all the holiday and weekend. Why not just keep busy. I would love to go on the trip but I have no one to go with and also I did not received my GC from USCIS yet.

My work was taking care lot of thing for company and I consider my part will help company meet the profit , Consider the backbone of the company but I felt that people in the company never realize that only President of the company will know in what I am doing for them.

I love to work on my hobbies project and that keep my mind occupied all the time. Do I need Girlfriend, YES, I do but it is hard for me since I am getting old and getting low on hair. Ha ha,,, yes, for real not much and I do not know how to start to make conversation to the woman in the bar.

I got to go to work now check out later.


Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday at work as usual

Start up early today, woke up at 8:00am , shower not too cold today, drink coffee, check email./ drive to work today was not bad at all traffic so good. arrived at office same time as usual 9:15am

That was I expected my tech did not show up again, so I end up do the work as we have equipment down but that's ok for me. I always did that.

let talk about the other thing on my mind. I keep thinking all the time about how can I have Girl friend during lunch I went to Vietnam Pho' alone, seen many pretty good looking professional lady but I have to admit that i have no chance to get them attention. I am getting old and low self esteem. I do not know why back then when I was young I approaches woman never be disappoint at all.

In USA, I have no confidence in myself about the social life but for the work I can do anything and success. personal life was disaster , I can say that.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

In search of my life เริ่มบล็อกครั้งแรก

Today, it was cold 35'F, I woke up very late and it just another day that I want to stay late on my bed. it's very lazy day. do not want to do anything except relax lay back watch TV. I just thinking somehow life is full of fun and adventure.

I am alone, No friend No love No girl friend. I have to keep myself not to gone crazy sometime by tried to work on hobbies many many of hobbies. looking for happy thought so that keep my mind busy. it was no fun at all

I have plan on myself and keep talk to myself that someday I will have money and go back to Thailand and be the hotel owner by the beach and stay there the rest of my life.

I save money and keep life in the low profile in US, stay away from problem but you know life is tough if you have no one to care or love around you.

I put myself too hard and sometime has been to deep problem myself want to help people and did good for someone else but I got the problem back.

It was stupid but who know. nobody understand why it happened to me but it was the life changing experience and downturn of my life. imagine that live with low in-come but I live trough it and manage myself not to brake down. been sad.

That's about it for today.